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Cockroaches in the home or workplace are a serious health issue as they are known to carry disease. Cockroaches not only carry disease but also cause allergic reactions and contaminant food sources. If you have seen one cockroach the problem can soon turn into a full cockroach infestation.

To help solve your cockroaches problem please phone us today as cockroaches are a health issue, making the need for cockroach control within Dubai imperative.

Although the cockroaches are one of the smaller species of cockroaches in Dubai it is the most invasive. Usually, the Cockroach is found at night as they are nocturnal so seeing them during daylight indicates a potentially heavy infestation of cockroaches.

For a full cockroach treatment in Dubai, we carry out a full site survey, monitoring strategy, and a treatment plan. Call us today for a bespoke plan for cockroach control in Dubai.

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Cockroaches in Dubai properties are domestic pests and we can remove ant problems through specialist treatment. We can destroy any ant nests, call us now for more information and a quote.

Getting rid of cockroaches can be tricky as they are so small, hide in the smallest cracks and there are usually thousands of them in one, single nest.

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Cockroaches are attracted to food and it is food that is often the reason that cockroach infestations exist. Food does not have to be human food; it can be pet food, seeds, and even cardboard!

Cockroaches are resilient and these pests can be difficult to remove. Expert cockroach treatments are effective ways to control cockroaches in and around Dubai. Food preparation areas may look clean and food storage areas sealed but cockroaches can live without food for 3 months and will feast off almost anything. Cleaning property regularly is one job that you can manage at home to help keep these pests away and reduce the risk of having a cockroach infestation.

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