Who We Are

We are Thamra Pest Control. In short, we are a company that combines the efforts of several smaller pest control businesses in order to keep them relevant and competitive in the eyes of modern day consumers. We were established back in 2018 when it was just not enough for you to be well known in the neighbourhood in order to find jobs and make clients happy. We have decided to join forces and simply be better and more known.

Where We Are

Currently, we are based in Dubai, UAE. The essence in our niche, however, is to bring our services to your front step. That is why we use our facility only as a base of operation. “The magic” happens all around Dubai, wherever and whenever you need us. You can see a full list of the areas we cover.

What We Do And Our Goal

As a business, we want to grow and be successful. In order to do that, we need to bring effective pest control services and make them as easily available as possible. Our goal is to become the business you think of when they need pest control service ASAP. We can come to their aid any time, any day, that is why we chose the simple, yet true name: Thamra Pest Control.

Our Values

Thamra Pest Control may be established in 2008. However, the technicians have prior experience. They proved themselves as competent professionals which helped us to solidify our brand on the market. Each one of them had experience with different methods, equipment and vermin. We make sure that every now and then we bring all employees together to exchange expertise and better the communication between departments. This ensures smoother workflow and overall improvement of the quality of the services with each gathering.

In 2020, the company saw the potential and growing market share that comes with the online presence and launched its own website. The very one you are browsing right now. We believe a good pest control services characterise with quick reaction time and availability. And through this website, you can book and schedule your service in a couple of clicks. Knowing that they can depend on us at any time, gives our clients a sense of security. Our innovative methods and experienced, shared between the different generation of technicians, are what makes that feeling stay, long after the service is done and the vermins are gone.

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Get in Touch

If you want to get in touch for something different than a pest control services you can use the following coordinates.


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