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Bed bugs are a common pest because they are great hitchhikers and can find their way into your home or business in plastic bags, furniture, luggage, clothes – you name it. Then you may have a bed bug infestation – they like to feed on humans at night.

So it’s not your fault if you have a bug infestation.

These bugs bite so you may notice you have them when you start seeing small groups of bites that look similar to a nettle sting or a rash.

These common bugs can quickly multiply into hundreds or thousands in just a month, so early treatment is essential to prevent a much larger infestation occurring.

Dubai has quite a bed bug problem because of the high turnover of people, the high amount of travelling people do in the city and also includes the many millions of tourists each year.

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Getting rid of bed bug can be tricky as they are so small, hide in the smallest cracks and there are usually thousands of them in one, single nest.

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This all makes it easy for these bugs to get into your home as when you’re on the tube, staying at a hotel or at the airport as they could be just off a plane from anywhere. As more places get infested the random chance of bumping into this type of bug increases, this is why they are such a common pest. So the myth that you get bed bugs because you have an unclean place is completely false – it is often times just bad luck.

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